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28" x 36" Color: White For ever 100 bought they will be shipped as a case Tyvek® is a spun-bounded olefin fabric that is made up of millions of polyethylene fibers that are spun-bounded to offer unique qualitites of excellent barrier, toughness, and strength in all directions. Tyvek® is lightweight and highly resistat to tears and punctures. Tyvek® provides an excellent barrier against dirt and other dry particulates, including asbestos, lead dust, and radioactive dusts down to sub-micron size.


SunShield 100 - PE coated bib style apron, ties in back. 100 per case.

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28" x 36" Color: White For ever 100 pair bought they will be shipped as a case Sunsoft is a lightweight , spun-bounded polypropylene fabric with a polypropylene coating. Polypropylene film is impervious and non-linting Garments made of Sunsoft protect works against chemical dusts, paint sprays, asbestos and other solid airborne dusts. Sunsoft is a strong fabric with excellent tensile and tear resistance. Sunsoft is ideal for spray and splatter from water and other non-oil-based liquids and provides economical protection against non-hazardous, grimy-work environment applications. In layman's terms, Sunsoft has the most barrier bang-for-the-buck of all the materials available in the market.