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Dupont Tyvek® Disposable Shoe Covers are made from a very strong high density polyethylene made with liquid protection. They provide added room for extra comfort and protection over shoe covers that are of lower-rise. Tyvek® shoe covers provide a barrier against dirt, grease and liquid splashes, while offering maximum breath-ability and comfort. Some industrial uses for the disposable tyvek® booties are agriculture, food processing, pharmaceutical companies, medical applications, painting, pesticide spraying, forensics, Mining, petrochemical, agrochemical, and construction industries. Tyvek® shoe covers come with an elastic top and will fit to work with boots and most shoes. The bottom of the shoe covers do not offer traction or come with a non skid option. Buy tyvek® disposable shoe cover for $99.00 and get free shipping on your order


Tyvek 400 boot cover TY454 - fits up to a size 13.5 Sold per "pair" - every 50 pair purchased will ship as (1) case.