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Dupont™ Tyvek® Lab Coats

Dupont™ Tyvek® Lab Coats provide an protection barrier against things such as dirt and mold, chemical particulates, asbestos, lead dust, and radioactive dusts. Some other uses include: herbicide spraying, pesticide spraying, paint spraying, contamination prevention. Some industries that use these lab coats are: Fiberglass, Automotive, General maintenance, Forensics, Mining, Petrochemical, Construction, Agrochemical, Food, Military, and the Woodworking Industries. The Tyvek® disposable lab coats are very light weight and breathable making it easy to work in. The Tyvek® material offers good balance of strength and durability while maximizing comfort. It is also a low lint anti-static material. The disposable lab coats come with a snap front, two pockets or no pockets, Sizes: SM-Small, MD-Medium, LG-Large, XL-Extra Large, 2X. Color: White Serged Seams. Free Shipping is available for all orders over $99.00. Volume discounts also available for purchases of 30 or more lab coats bought.

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Tyvek lab coat, 5 snaps, 2 pockets. Each quantity represents 1 lab coat each. For every 25 TY212 lab coats bought, it will be shipped as a case. Price increases for TY212: 10% for 2X, 20% for 3X, 30% for 4X Product name soon to be changed to Tyvek 400

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5 snaps no pockets For every 30 bought it will be shipped as a case For more lab coats click here

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5 snaps 2 pockets For every 30 TY212 Disposable Tyvek White Lab Coats bought it will be shipped as a case