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Spray Sock Hood Covers


Hood with elastic face opening and surged seams Can be used with with safety goggles, half mask respirators or full mask respirators. Shoulder length - A barrier for very small particles. One size fits all. Sold as individual hood - every 100 purchased will ship as (1) case.

Spray Sock Hood Covers

Spray Sock T1436 (Box of 12)


Comfortable protection against over-spray and other particulates. Can be worn with goggles and half-mask or full-mask respirators. Breathable stretch knit material keeps you cool. One size fits all. Sold per box of 12.  Every 20 boxes purchased will ship as (1)case


SunShield 100™ Hood - taped seam, shoulder length. PE (polyethelyene) coating with taped seams- provide splash protection & keep many harmful contaminants from penetrating.  Color: Yellow  Sold per case of 12